On sunday I visited the sealife centre in Birmingham. I found the moray eels fascinating, they look like dinosaurs if I’m honest. If i were less lazy I’d attach a picture to show you what I mean,but I’m not so I haven’t. I also saw an adorable liitle otter, asleep under a heat lamp and various other fishes/sharks etc. It was great in the sense that it was very educational, not just about the fish, but also about the downfalls of over fishing and the fishing methods used, and encouraging people to eat fish responsibly. I haven’t eaten fish for longer than I haven’t eaten meat, precisely because of these reasons (To find out more go and have a read here

I also went for Sunday lunch in the pub next door and have a lovely little dance with the girl opposite to the jazz band that were playing. I don’t know the little girl, or even remember her name but we sure did have a lot of fun.

Tuesday I made French onion soup for the first time as well as whisky marmalade oat slices (should have been raspberry jam, but they only had this weird maramlade in the shop. No bother, they still tasted delicious!). Last night I made Morrocan Mince and found out that MAC does not like either dried Apricots or cous cous…. so although he liked the mince it was a massive waste of time. I thought it was delicious though. I’d certainly make it for myself and freeze it up.

I haven’t had crisps in a week, so I think I’m beating my addiction there. I had to or my arse would have split straight through my trousers. I’ve also given up bread at lunch times, but taken up plums for breakfast and rice cakes for lunch. Nom nom nom. Who knew healthy things were actually tasty. Anyway two weeks in and my clothes fit again. In fact the trousers I’m wearing might well end up around my ankles so I might change at lunch. 

That’s all for now.

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